After nine months of development and extensive testing, the new Camelot release is available for download.  Highlights in this release are :

Camelot now uses SQLAlchemy 0.8.0
All built in models have been moved from Elixir to Declarative.  Camelot now includes replacement classes that mimic the Elixir definitions and integrate with Declarative.  Migrating from Elixir to Declarative is now effortless, more information is available in the migration guide.

Improved import and export actions.  Data in arbitrary columns can be imported from csv, xls and xlsx files.  This machinery can be reused to develop custom importers.

The history of every form can be reviewed from within the form itself.

The print preview screen has an edit button, this allows users to make last minute changes to reports and generated documents without developer intervention or the need to modify templates.

Search splits search strings between spaces and searches for a combinations of the elements in the different columns of the table.

Other enhancements include :
  • Updated translations, thanks to the community.
  • Support for database reflection through SQLAlchemy.
  • The unittests now cover 80% of the code


04/18/2013 14:10

great job, 1000 thank!


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